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SOCIAL SNIPER is a digital collage artist who describes his work as "the breaks of photographic design" taken from the essence of Hip Hop production by digging for inspiration, finding samples, and cutting them up to recreate and build his mind's visualisation.
As a student of Hip Hop & street sub-cultures for 30 years, a fanatical observer perhaps, he has finally paved his own way from the depth of mental health struggles to the creative zone, with a journey from the foundations of writing for therapy, symbiotically morphing into poetry/spoken word before taking an unplanned redirection and blind leap into the pools of digital art & design in 2020.
He works using photo editing and digital illustration software to express heart strong messages of social consciousness and tacking oppression. SOCIAL SNIPER is also a paste-up street artist hugely inspired by Shepard Fairey and is currently working on a project aimed directly back at himself, other Men & all forms of oppression as a calling to stand up and build a love driven ally ship in the fight against a patriarchal system fuelled with misogyny, racism, rape culture, homophobia, transphobia and suicide.

He has created this project as a white cis man calling out other men who are misogynistic or complicit… He wanted to create accountability and a movement of men who will do the same in their every day lives because silence is part of the problem…men are needed to smash the patriarchy and we have to be allies to women and those who are non-gender specific.

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