London International Paste-up Festival
The London International Paste-up Festival is an annual event organised by Art House Project London artists collective that brings large, colourful paste-up collages to the streets of Shoreditch and Brick Lane. During our three editions we have displayed the work of over 300 artists from around the world on the walls of London’s unofficial arts district.
Why paste-ups?
Paste-up is an often overlooked niche of the street art world, but it is arguably the most democratic form of art because it can be done by anyone with no need for qualifications or approval from the establishment.
LIPF offers street artists from around the world the chance to travel to London vicariously through their art.

Our vision...
London International Paste-up Festival aims to raise the profile of Paste-ups as a street art genre participating in street art festivals around the UK like Chelmsford Street Art Festival, Colors Festival and the London Spanish Literature and Zine Festival where thousands of visitors from different backgrounds have been able to take part in our workshops, experience its creative process and contribute to our walls with the art they produced.
Through our festival we have raised funds for Lead-Up International in Guatemala to help them reduce youth violence and transform their area through art.
Our news
London International Paste-up Festival going big
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