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Our collective represents a beautifully diverse group of talented artists. They come from across all spectrums of the creative industry from painting & illustration to paper art & collage to performance & electronic music to name but a few. Read the bios of all the artists below.


Apparan deals with social issues such as climate change and gender equality in her art. Her murals usually depict current women's issues and struggles as well as female empowerment.

She believes that women can join forces to educate others by using positive energy and love to succeed in their search for equality.

She is a member of different art collectives in Spain and London like the WoM Collective.

She has also organised and curated several exhibitions and founded The Art House Project, which brings house music and underground art together in various London venues.


Andy Downs
Andy Downs is a self-taught artist, who has been painting for four years. He turned to art after a marriage breakup rather than choosing booze or drugs.

He paints portraits of people that show the wide variety of expressions that humans can convey. He is inspired by the work of Lucian Freud and likes to help others see the fun side of art and what it can deliver.

Ania Pawlik
Ania Pawlik is a Polish fine art illustrator, who has lived in London for over 10 years. Her work is mainly about imaginative storytelling that questions human existence: its fragility, its beauty and uncanniness.

Using a mix of inks, colour pencils and coffee, she plays with traditional and non-traditional media (sometimes digital) to create a fusion of abstract random marks, lines and splashes with more concrete forms of characters, faces, body parts. She combines these into a melancholic dream or a fantasy that is open to the viewer's interpretations. Recently she has been exploring different ways of printing such as screen-printing and lino-cuts.

She is also a co-creator of an artistic-travelling project called "Gallery on Wheels" that is run in collaboration with her partner in crime, Carlos Thomas, a video maker and experimental photographer. They are in the process of opening their screen-printing studio and workshops for community and collective projects.

Frankie Curtis is an artist with an overactive imagination. Her work is an explosion of unique characters, humour and doodles inspired from a childhood of watching cartoons.

She has a BA (hons) in Illustration from the University of Portsmouth.She has also exhibited her work in art fairs and specialised galleries around London and her fantastic illustrations have been featured on the BBC and MTV.

This plorific artist loves experimenting with spray painting and animation, developing her style and taking part in plenty of events and exhibitions across the country like Upfest or Cheltenham.


Daddy Street Fox
Daddy Street Fox is a London-based street artist whose art is inspired by nature, especially the majestic fox and other wildlife that visits his garden in Hackney.

He is passionate about the protection of urban wildlife and green spaces in our cities. He has always enjoyed collecting and pressing leaves, flowers, tree bark and seed pods, which he now uses in his art.

He has a background in fashion, pattern-cutting, garment-construction and tailoring. He worked in menswear tailoring for the opera after completing a BA(Hons) Degree in Costume for the Performing Arts at the London College of Fashion.

Fabrics, textile design, sequins, beads and other surface decoration can often be seen on his foxes. He also finds reusable items for his work at flea markets, car boot sales and antique fairs.

He also has a love of religious art, architecture and ecclesiastical textile design, which is also visible in his work along with a fascination for graveyards, spiritualism and the occult.

He does paste-up street art and hopes to continue to show original work in exhibitions. He aims to move on to 3D work and street murals while exploring other avenues for his art.


Diazsterous is an East London artist who paints in chaotic moody lines. After suffering a breakdown, he realised he lives to draw. He uses different media in his art ranging from biros, watercolours and recycling materials to do installations.
He is part of numerous alternative art collectives in London and sings and plays in his band Diminishing Returns.

DMT / Alba Bernal
Damitta is a Spanish London-based graffiti artist, she started doing graffiti in 2004 with lettering and background for other artists, therefore she found her real style and passion : female portraits, and decided to focus on them to stand out the lack of female artists in the graffiti scene; one of the main features of her paintings are the delicates and smooth traits used to emphasise the calm and stillness of the women she decide to represent against the harshness and misery of London walls.

Before moving to London in 2016 there is a long journey made of collaboration and project all over Spain, she specialises in portrait on canvas as well as graffiti and blending these skills with her studies in photography lead to finally discover her personal style. In London she began working as a hand painter on shoes and clothes for 2 years and was during this time that she realised how much she missed graffiti and so decided to return to it full time in 2019

Damitta is open for collaboration and works on commission, also her interest in paints goes over graffiti and canvas and she is open for new projects, to face new challenges and learn new things.

Eve Obrochta
Eve Obrochta is a multimedia visual artist living in London.

Graduated from MA Fine Art, she does acrylic, spray, oil paintings and collages. Her interests also include window displays, set design and photography.

Eve's work often features female face or artefacts exploring questions of female representation and the relationship between society & self. She has participated in variety of collective exhibitions around London. Her latest solo show was in Kraków where she presented a series of digital collages "Facetopia" and clothes with her printed ideas took part in the summer fashion show.

Obrochta is unlocking questions about urban world, gender, how we live & how the society is shaping our identity. Her paintings are located in private collections here and abroad. She is represented by the Coag Gallery, Art House Project London and Womensart.

She is open for collaborations & commissions.

@ mowscodelico

Glor is a Brazilian mixed-media artist with a graffiti background. He works with lettering and melting colours using spray cans. In 2012 he created a character called Mikglor that he uses to create his own world and express himself as a character.

In 2002, he moved to London, where he worked and studied until 2011, before returning to Sao Paulo. He has been painting since the 1990s, but has spent the past five years painting inside and out in Brazil.

He has also participated in different events to show his work including live painting, body paint and customisation. He likes abstract forms and more unconscious paintings.

@ mowscodelico

Inkblot has been a practising artist since graduating in Fashion from Central Saint Martins many years ago. Moving from fashion to printmaking via illustration, she has found her true love in street art.

Inkblot is influenced by the random parts of the artistic process, such as the flow of ink on paper. Her style is very distinctive and features strong contrasts and striking graphic imagery.

She has worked on album artwork, private commissions and painted at music festivals including Glastonbury. Her recent work has included a 50-foot wall painted in collaboration with Extinction Rebellion and participation in a global day of climate action with MicroGalleries.
@ inkblotartwork

Jelly J Artist
Jelly J is a London-based artist known for painting feminine figures with dynamic supersized eyelashes. Her background in politics, history and sociology, along with multiple auto-immune conditions, is reflected in her artwork through narratives of ableism, political and social issues saturated with colour and satire. Her energetic pieces support critical thought over apathy, and promote love and self-worth.
Using various media from acrylic, digital, gold leaf and spray paint, Jelly paints on canvas as well as creating street art murals around London and beyond. Jelly also thrives at live immersive and collaborative art events including: ArtHouseProject exhibitions for Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, the annual Battle Cancer Graffiti Jam and Vivafrica London to Sierra Leone exhibition.


Jelly J Artist

Hello the Mushroom is an urban artist whose work can be found in many forms on the streets and in galleries.

Her work is mostly based on collage and other reworked found imagery. It takes a humorous approach to sexuality, body image and beauty standards as well as reflecting her recovery from a life-threatening form of cancer.

Her work often features skulls representing the transience of life while challenging us to re-evaluate our life's purpose and priorities.

Knapple is a professional urban artist know by her distinctive colourful pineapple tag.

She works on private and public mural commissions and facilitates workshops with children and adults. Knapple often visits schools to introduce children to the world of graffiti and have been in the local and national papers multiple times for her socio political work.

Her works fuses colourful fun with deep thought. Her ethos promotes social change and spreads a message of self-love and acceptance. Knapple is a rebel with a cause and she follows no rules.

Mali Mowcka
Mowcka is a contemporary urban artist from Argentina, who lives and works between London and Barcelona, where she studied fine arts. She specialises in paste-ups, street art murals and pieces using wood and light.

She creates drawings of women using clear lines and colour combined with shapes from nature and other geometric patterns. Her work often carries messages and always has a spiritual symbolic meaning. Her art is about the search for this meaning and reflects a sensitive introspective analysis of ourselves captured by its continuous movement.


Lespleen is a self-taught Mediterranean mural artist with a background in graphic design.

Her work combines colourful visions with a satirical outlook on the system. She mixes psychedelic dark goddesses with nature's flare while presenting an honest critique on a current state of humanity. She is also a fire performer and a musician.

She has run different educative art programmes in schools in the UK in different countries while travelling around.

Maria Linares Freire
Maria Linares Freire is a Spanish artist who creates drawings, paintings, photographs and digital media works. She draws inspiration from her birthplace in Andalucia, where she acquired a passion for the geometries hidden in nature. This was carried on through her early love of geometry and science, which influenced her designs.

She moved to London in 2015 to develop her artistic career. She has exhibited her work in central London and once had a painting projected on the surface of the Moon!


Mojoforever is a digital artist with a background in fashion. Her long journey in the visual arts spans from illustration to animation landing in the film industry and the field of the visual effects.

When painting on canvas she uses acrylics, however from time to time she indulges in taking a step back and getting her hands dirty with clay to create colourful ceramic pieces.


Natalie Webb
Natalie Webb's art is based on interaction with the environment, observation of human activity and spontaneity. It is produced on a variety of different media.

She believes that every living thing is unique and moves through life at its own pace. She strives to capture these relationships and feelings of movement in her artwork.

She aims to capture the essence of her subjects with economy of line. The image is revealed by the way a viewer's brain perceives what is there and not there and then fills in the gaps.

She is ambidextrous and part of her practice includes live painting.


Natalie Webb

Robin Chuter
Robin Chuter expresses himself through mixed media ranging from Ebru to calligraphy to collages. He specialises in three areas: art on paper, vinyl country pieces and work on reclaimed material.

He does not limit himself to a specific area of interest, but instead divides his life journey to three areas: nose, ear, and eye.

He founded an independent perfume project, organised concerts and used to make record covers to sell in a global conceptual art network. He has always worked with records, but dedicated himself to the visual arts in the past five years.

Robin grew up in Belgium and moved to London in 1992. He has previously exhibited in Armenia, South Korea, Turkey and Lebanon.


Sara Kadrnka
Sarah Kadrnka specialises in raising awareness and facilitating discussions surrounding global environmental issues that often receive inadequate attention.

She is dedicated to highlighting the importance of caring for and protecting our natural world. Sarah wishes to promote more compassion towards both humans and animals. Her artistic endeavours evoke a sense of calmness and introspection, fostering deep contemplation and reflection. Sarah possesses expertise in utilising water-based paints.

Sarah's experience studying Illustration at Middlesex University greatly influenced and nurtured her passion for printmaking and botanical illustration. Throughout the lockdown period, she employed her skills to create informative videos and art tutorials as free resources. She is also actively involved in enhancing the educational experiences of children and adults through diverse creative projects. Currently, Sarah works as a tutor while also taking on freelance commissions and pursuing personal projects.
Sara Kadrnka

Silviyar is a London-based artist intrigued with combining different mediums and materials. Her body of work consists of two and three-dimensional artworks including prints, paintings, drawings and mini-objects. In the last few years she has predominantly worked on reclaimed wood.

Memory, symbolism, nature, mortality, love and loss are her main subjects.

Her work features in private collections around the world.


SubDude is a London-based street artist who specialises in political and social commentary. His work can be found on walls around London and in several other cities around the globe.

He produces collages, spray-paint canvases, silkscreen prints and more. His work has featured in galleries as well as in publications such as Vice and Le Monde Diplomatique. He is a member of the Ghost collective and has collaborated with other artists.

His work has provoked strong reactions from many including Trump, Brexit, Zionist-Israeli and Islamic State supporters. And Tinder even threatened to sue him once!


Uberfubs is a London street artist who uses elements of costume jewellery to add a bit of much-needed sparkle to the walls. She worked as a jewellery designer for many years and has a design background in textiles, so she uses mirrors, diamanté, gold leaf, pom-poms and crochet flowers in her art.

Her work also often features skulls, which she became fascinated with when learning portraiture. For her most recent show, she created "living skulls" using plaster, metallic leaf and plants. But it is not all skulls. Her art also carries a political message giving voice to her anger with Brexit and Donald Trump.

She studied fine arts, but her favourite gallery is the streets. She enjoys seeing how her work weathers and changes as people interact with it. Her art can be seen in many parts of London as well as other European cities such as Berlin and Copenhagen.

Her art is in such demand that is is often stolen straight from the walls, even if that involves using a ladder or steaming tissue paper prints. Get it while it's hot!

Mar has always been Involved in the art world following her passion for Fashion. After becoming a Civil engineer and working in different projects related to interior design, construction, infrastructures, aviation as a Flight attendant, Mar's childhood dream came true. Travelling, flying, learning different languages and cultures.

In the last few year, Mar has developed love for nature and Street Art and Graffiti.

Mar's art world includes futuristic look, abstractive shapes, extraordinary colours, freedom and femineity.

Mar's message is to accept imperfections and find the beauty in the uniqueness of it. To explore your inner selves and become innovative, make a difference. Be creative!


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