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I am a non binary, gender non conforming, gender queer street artist.
My work around gender identity is deeply personal and a source of great joy and strength, after overcoming many many years of internal turmoil, confusion and self hatred.
The "Degender Fashion" is a collaborative project with street artist Yaya. It is a call for the fashion industry to reform itself and the society it plays a massive role in shaping into a safe and inclusive place for all.

This poster is my personal outcry towards those ends and I hope with the help of my street art family and other like minded individuals it will spread far and wide.

I have made it available as a free downloadable resource.

Bernie, the Non Binary Bear, is very much still a project in development. My work as a sticker artist is very much character based. My love of character based art stems back to my childhood love of first illustrated books, then cartoons and comic books. So many of these mediums are marked towards children and young adults in their formative years and more often than not are heavily saturated with cis gender stereotypes.

Growing up I never had the language to express who I am, there was nothing which represented me or the way I felt.

I wanted to create a character who would have helped a younger me understand and accept myself sooner if I had discovered them as a child amongst the pages of my beloved books.

I chose a bear for many reasons. I love bears always have done. Bears are an iconic archetype particularly associated with childhood. Bears are very hairy!

One of the biggest causes of cognitive dissonance for me when attempting to reconcile my identity was my body hair. So a big hairy cuddly lovable bear resonated deeply with my new found acceptance, love of myself and my own validity.

The #degenderfashion project is part of an ongoing collaborative project designed to create awareness and give voice to gender related issues which are often ignored by the mainstream media.
I am very much inspired by the work of Alok V Menon whose voice was a life affirming revelation for me.

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