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Welcome to our third online show!
We are witnessing unprecedented times. Covid-19 has established itself as part of our lives during this fatidic 2020.
Measures are still in place, changing as I am writing this, getting stricter or being relaxed, as new spikes pop in all around the world during this summer.
No holidays for the wicked! The only thing left for us is to remember past trips or dream about the ones to come.
"Things that Travel" shows our artists' way of rebelling against our lack of freedom of movement using our creativity on things we use to travel. We also show how our art travels instead of us, merging into different sceneries, or becoming part of wonderful art collaborations with other artists from all around the world.

Thanks to all the 40 artists from all around the world involved in our online show and to our sponsor Great Art for all your support.

Scroll down to see lots of amazing creations using a fantastic variety of media.

Contact directly to the artist if you are interested in showing your support by purchasing any of the artwork on show.

Follow us during our opening event in our Instagram live stream!

Poster art work by Proheroes

"Visionox11 Gif" by @visionox11
"I don't know where I am going" by @harperbizarreart.
"Things that Travel: Time Lapse" by @ellamckenzie.art

Enquire about any of the pieces in our online gallery to us or directly to the artists.

We hope you have enjoyed our show!
Note to artists applications: please put “artist" in the subject line.
Thank you!
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