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The Sticker Movie is coming to town

Sticker Movie is a celebration of sticker culture worldwide made for sticker people and by sticker people. It is a colourful patchwork of stories told by the sticker enthusiasts who shape this culture.
Screenings will be happening on the 13th-15th of September in Hackney.

Taking place alongside a gallery show featuring amazing art from around the world, live paste ups and sticker workshops. Party time each evening with music, DJ’s and live visuals.

It’s sure to be an exciting, fun weekend and a really great opportunity for our awesome community to come together and celebrate!

Presale tickets for screenings are available now ! Get them while they’re hot ! (IG bio)
There are also other options available via our Crowdfunder, for those who wish to support but are unable to attend in person.

Sticker Movie is a film about sticker art, and the culture behind it, told by street artists, photographers, traders, and collectors.

The global community of “sticker people” who practice this art form are at the heart of this subculture. Featuring interviews with over 80 artists in 23 different countries, the film offers a rare glimpse into the underground world of this subset of graffiti.

Visually stimulating, with a combination of animation, user-generated content, and 4k footage, Sticker Movie celebrates the nostalgia, thoughtfulness, and intensity of sticker art and the sticker enthusiasts who will never let the culture die.