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We are the witnesses of unprecedented times.
Lockdown measures are being gradually eased all around the world.
We have come to the so-called deescalation of the pandemic. There are lots of socio-economic uncertainties around.
Has lockdown made us more aware of socio-political issues around the world?

Artists are supporting causes with their work as they always have done throughout history.
How has our art during this deescalation period evolved?
Is our art different?
As in our first edition, we invite you to have a look and make your own conclusions.

It's not long until all goes back to "normal" or to a "new normal", creatively wiser, eager and more socially involved, we hope.

Thanks to all the 50+ artists from all around the world involved in our online show and to our sponsor Great Art and The Nave Collective for all your support.

Scroll down to see lots of amazing creations using a fantastic variety of media.

Contact directly to the artist if you are interested in showing your support by purchasing any of the artwork on show.

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Poster art work by Mouse in the Telly.

Art Against Coronavirus II
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"Boob Perkiness" by Anna Tamaskarzer
"Knickers Off" by Anna Tamaskarzer

Enquire about any of the pieces in our online gallery to us or directly to the artists.

We hope you have enjoyed our show!
Note to artists applications: please put “artist" in the subject line.
Thank you!
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